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Our online store AccessoriRacing offers a wide range of Battery Chargers for motorcycles and scooters specify for lithium batteryes. The right place, to choose the best producers of Battery Chargers, for all motorcycle and scooter applications, the highest quality products used by the on-track champions. In our catalog you can find the battery chargers for your motorbike or your scooter and choose from the proposed versions according to your needs. Take advantage of our offers immediately.

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Specific charger for lithium batteries Aliant...

Specific charger for lithium batteries Aliant 12V, 3 ampere, fast charging cables, included - use only with FBATX1P, FBATX2, FBATX2P, FBATYLP05 and FBATYLP07
€60.39 €67.10
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High performance and high-speed charging for...

High performance and high-speed charging specific to Aliant lithium batteries, 10 amperes (contains 1 cable set with eyelets) - do not use for batteries, FBATYLP05 and FBATYLP07
€82.35 €91.50
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