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The company was founded with the intention of being able to offer a more qualified level of service and to always be at the height of the current and constantly changing market offering modern up to date products thanks to constant research


Jetprime is a specialist in the development of electronic power modules for injection engine based motorcycles, ATVs and quads. The most well known product amongst these is the Jetprime power module. The company also produces various specialist motorcycle accessories and other sophisticated components which include enlarged throttle bodies, crankshafts and many other items.


Aluminum enlarged air box for T-Max

Aluminum enlarged air box for Yamaha T-Max 500/530, the size of the velocity stacks are larger than the OEM fitted units (roughly 50% bigger) giving an increase in power of 2-3bhp to the engine and a much fuller bodied acceleration.

Throttle bodies oversize Ergal 7075-T6 milled...

Bigger Throttle body for Yamaha T-Max 500 | 530, after several requests from various preparatory, we decided to make a product without equal: we developed a throttle body entirely from billet alu 7075-T6

Carbon Fibre enlarged air box

Carbon Fibre air box for Ducati 848/EVO - 1098/R - 1198/R, the air box can be fitted on all factory bikes by simply removing and placing the liquid collection reservoir to the right side of the bike.

Height programmable velocity stacks for Ducati...

Height programmable velocity stacks, this technology is derived directly from Formula 1 and Moto GP in two worlds where the pursuit of maximum power handling and engine management are pushed to the limits. 
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