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Accossato Black edition motorbike clutch master cylinder Ø 16x16mm folding lever

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The Accossato clutch master cylinder CL025 are used in many competitions, such as Superbike, Moto 2, Moto 3, AMA Superbike and are characterized by a really strong braking, so a short passive running.

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Master cylinder CL025 16X16mm with folding levers

Accossato adjustable levers are exclusively patented from the racing division of the group.

The feeling with the lever is immediate, the braking process is always strong and without compromises; this result is possible thanks to a mechalical tolerance reduction and the joining of all the master cylinders parts.

The master cylinders gaskets are made of a material which comes from Formula1 and it ensures, with the use of oil DOT4, a long duration and no ordinary repairs is needed.

The master cylinders bodies can be in forged aluminium and the colors are in hard oxide or black, with assures the protection of the master cylinder for its all duration.

The levers are available in different colors: black, gold, ordange, silver, red, blue, green and they can be standard or folding levers. Under request, for the standard model is available also the one which has the lever for air.

Available Models

Black Edition master cylinder

This model is available with the master cylinder body in black color and the lever in different models and seven different colors

Suggestions the bleeding process and how to change a master cylinder

1- mount the master cylinder on the handlebar or half handlebar, checking that there is not any impediment
2- regulate the distance from the lever, in order to create the best feeling
3- activate the brake lever, until it touches the handlebar or half handlebar, so that the piston can make an entire spin with a fluid movement

Reservoir to master cylinder connection

1- use a cable with made of Teflon inside and covered by steel, which has to be compatible with the brake fluid in EPDM and with a diameter of 3mm, at least
2- join the reservoir exit with the master cylinder entrance, using the requested clamps, the extremities need to be joint with appropriate couples
3- use exclusively the brake fluid DOT4, with an high boiling point, from new packages and change it for every race

Note: the usage of a different fluid from the DOT4 can cause master cylinders damages

Breaking system bleeding

1- turn the handlebar or half handlebar, in order to have the reservoir in horizontal position
2- fill up the reservoir with brake fluid, during the bleeding process the oil level doesnt have to go below the minimum level
3- activate more than one time the brake lever and fill the braking system partially
4- insert a transparent plastic tube to the bleed screw
5- bleed through the following steps:
- pull the brake lever entirely and hold it in that position
- unscrew the bleed screw and let some air and some oil flow out - repeat this operation until no more oil will come out of the bleed screw, and check
- that the oil level doesnt go below the minimum level
- close the screw with a suggested couple of 10-11 nm

General notes

- The master cylinder needs to be cleaned with water detergent and avoiding the usege of solvent, which could cause damages on the components.
- The disassembly of the master cylinder is forbidden, otherwise the warranty will lose its validity. - The usage of non original spare parts is forbidden.
- The revision must be done exclusively by Accossato.

The ACCOSSATO Group is divided between the co-design for the realization of products and put into production of parts in series with the most important national and international manufacturers, especially for the motorcycle sector but also for some years for other industries such as eg design, and design and build its product range with the brand ACCOSSATO that is distributed nationally through a network of representatives and international distributors.


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