Privacy policy and consent to the use of personal information pursuant to legislative decree DL no. 196 of 30/6/2003 (Italian personal data privacy code)

Dear customer, we are hereby informing you that your personal information will be used in full compliance with its fundamental principles, dictated:

  • By the directive 95/46/ec of the european parliament related to protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data
  • By directive 97/66/ec for protection of concerning the processing of personal data and the protection of privacy in the telecommunications sector
  • By directive 97/07/ec and by legislative decree DL 185/99 for consumer protection in long-distance contracts
  • By directive 00/31/ec for electronic commerce
  • By legislative decree DL 196/2003 – italian personal data privacy code
  • By legislative decree DL 70/2003 on electronic commerce

Registration to the web site, property of ExtremeXTuning S.a.s., with registered office in via nuova vincinella, 14, santo stefano (sp) 19037  (henceforward also "the company" for the sake of brevity), any subsequent use of the services rendered, including purchase and shipping of products, and sending advertising materials will imply processing the personal information that involves the individual and which are or will be provided by such individual. Therefore, in compliance with the provisions of legislative decree 196/2003 (privacy law), we are hereby informing you that the company, as controller and administrator of the site, will submit your personal data to processing at the following terms and conditions.

Art.1 - Purpose of the data processing
Personal information (including its registration in the company master list) is processed in order to achieve the following objectives:
a) To make it possible for users to register in the website and the correct provision of the services requested of ExtremeXTuning S.a.s. and, as a result, to correctly and promptly comply with the obligations arising pursuant to the contractual relationship established with you, and any obligations arising pursuant to the law;
b) For administrative and accounting purposes, including email transmission of invoices;
c) For subscription to the mailing lists kept  by the companies, engaging in market research and sending advertising and informational materials on the products and services offered by ExtremeXTuning S.a.s.,  using automated systems including email, fax, text message or video message.
Art.2 - Providing personal information
Providing personal information for registration on the website is completely optional, but it is required in order to access to the confidential area of the website and, as a result, the services offered by ExtremeXTuining S.a.s. through the website. therefore, registration in the website implies that the user agrees to processing the personal information that concerns him or her for the purpose of execution of the contractual agreement and for the administrative and accounting purposes described above. With reference to the other purposes of the data processing indicated in article 1 above, note that consent to personal data processing is completely optional. However, failure to give such consent will imply the consequences described below. Specifically, failure to provide consent to the data processing for the purposes laid out under article 1, letter c above will prevent the user from receiving advertising materials, brochures, and informational materials related to the products and services offered by the company. Also, note that consent to personal data processing for one or more of the purposes set forth above can be revoked at any time by changing your consent to the personal data processing as soon as you make any use of your account on the website.
Art.3 - Methods of processing
processing users’ personal data will be carried out primarily with the use of electronic or automated means, according to the methods and using the instruments suited to ensuring the safety and confidentiality of the information, in compliance with the provisions of legislative decree 196/2003. The company will implement all technical, computerized, organizational, logistics and procedural security measures as set forth under legislative decree DL 196/2003 so as to ensure the minimum level of protection of the data required under the law, allowing access only to those persons specifically designated by the controller or the controller’s representatives to perform the processing. The information acquired and the methods of processing will be relevant and not excessive with respect to the type of services rendered.
the data will also be managed and protected in controlled-access areas.
Art.4 - Communication and dissemination of the data
user data can be communicated:
a) To all parties (including public authorities) which have access to the personal data by virtue of court or administrative orders
b) Post offices, couriers, and shippers engaged to deliver the products acquired through the use of the site
c) Banks and companies that manage the national or international payment methods, through which users can complete online payments of the products purchased on the website;
d) To companies, consultants or professionals who are engaged to complete the installation, maintenance, updates, and general management of the hardware and software of ExtremeXTuning S.a.s. or whose company is used to provide its services;
e) Companies or internet providers engaged to send the documentation and/or informational material;
f) To all parties (public and/or private, individuals or legal entities, legal, administrative or tax consulting studios, court offices, chambers of commerce, and labour offices, etc) if such communication were necessary or functional to the correct compliance with the contractual obligations undertaken, as well as obligations arising pursuant to the law.

Personal information will not be disseminated in an anonymous or confidential form, for statistical or research purposes.
Art.5 - Controller and manager of the personal data processing
the controller of the personal data processing is ExtremeXTuning S.a.s., with legal offices in via nuova vincinella, 14, santo stefano (sp) 19037. Pursuant to legislative decree 196/2003, the manager of the processing is Roberto Stagnari. Any requests or demands regarding processing users’ personal information can be addressed to the controller or head of the processing, as indicated above, at the following addresses:
a) ExtremeXTuning S.a.s., via Torino 8 19037 Santo Stefano di Magra (SP);
b) Or at the email address:
Art.6 - Storing personal information
Users’ personal information will be saved and stored only for the time necessary to guarantee the correct performance of the services provided by the company.
Art.7 - Right to access personal information
Pursuant to legislative decree 196/2003,  data subjects are entitled to:
a) Obtain confirmation as to whether or not personal data concerning him exist, regardless of their being already recorded, and communication of such data in intelligible form
b) Obtain from the controller or manager of the personal data processing:

  • information on the origin of the data processing using computerized instruments;
  • indication of the information identifying the controller of the personal data processing and its managers, in addition to the representative designated by a foreign entity to data processing in italy;
  • information on the individuals or categories of users to which the data can be communicated or which can come to know of such information as  designated representative in italy of managers or assignees

c) Obtain:

  • Updating, rectification or, integration of the data;
  • Erasure, anonymization or blocking of data that have been processed unlawfully, including data whose retention is unnecessary for the purposes for which they have been collected or subsequently processed;
  • Certification to the effect that the operations as per letters a) and b) have been notified, as also related to their contents, to the entities to whom or which the data were communicated or disseminated, unless this requirement proves impossible or involves a manifestly disproportionate effort compared with the right that is to be protected;

d) Object, in whole or in part:

  • On legitimate grounds, to the processing of personal data concerning him/her, even though they are relevant to the purpose of the collection;
  • To the processing of personal data concerning him/her, where it is carried out for the purpose of sending advertising materials or direct selling or else for the performance of market or commercial communication surveys.

The rights above can be exercised by simple request submitted to the controller or manager of the data processing.


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