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Motorcycle drive chain

The best online motorcycle drive chains

Motorcycle drive chains are a common method of transmitting power from the engine to the rear wheel of a motorcycle. They consist of a series of metal links connected together, which rotate around sprockets (small, toothed wheels) at either end of the chain.

The sprockets are connected to the engine and rear wheel, respectively, and as the engine's power is transferred to the front sprocket, it in turn rotates the rear sprocket, which propels the motorcycle forward.
Drive chains are durable and efficient, but they do require regular maintenance to ensure they continue to function properly. This typically includes cleaning and lubricating the chain, as well as adjusting the tension of the chain to keep it from becoming too loose or too tight. Over time, the chain will stretch and may need to be replaced.

There are different type of chains for motorcycle, One popular type of motorcycle drive chain is the O-ring chain. These chains have small rubber O-rings between the links to help seal out dirt and debris and retain lubrication. They are known for their longer life and durability, but they are also more expensive than traditional chains without O-rings.

Another type is the X-ring chains which is improvement of the O-ring chain and has a better performance, greater durability and less friction.
It's important to keep your motorcycle's drive chain properly lubricated and adjusted. Neglecting to do so can lead to accelerated wear on the chain and sprockets, which can result in decreased performance, increased fuel consumption, and even a dangerous failure while riding.

Drive chains can be dangerous if not properly maintained, always follow the manufacturer's instructions for maintaining and replacing your motorcycle's drive chain.

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