AccessoriRacing is a shop dedicated to the sale of spare parts to increase the performance of motorbike and scooters to get around the track but also to improve the performance of road bikes and accessories to make the driving experience more enjoyable and safe. site are owned by ExtremeXTuning S.a.S, a company with decades of experience in the sale of spare parts and accessories for motorcycles. More than ten thousand people around the world have chosen us to shop, consider it a reward for our courtesy, reliability and highly competitive price for over 50,000 products in the catalog of the best Italian and international brands.

The company is located in Santo Stefano Magra in the province of La Spezia ( Liguria), and is the official dealer for Accossato, Aliant, Akrapovic, ArrowBitubo, Braking, Dynojet, Lea Components, Lightech, Premier, Plastic-Bike, PBR, GPR, Healtech.

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