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A slipper clutch is a type of clutch used on motorcycles that allows for some slipping of the clutch plates when the engine is revving quickly.

This helps to prevent the rear wheel from locking up and skidding during downshifts or sudden engine braking.

The slipper clutch uses a special set of clutch plates that are designed to be more springy than traditional clutch plates, allowing them to compress slightly and slip against each other when the engine is revving quickly.

This reduces the amount of engine braking that is applied to the rear wheel, helping to improve stability and control.

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The slipper clutch is a device that allows the improvement of the stability of the motorbike avoiding the loss of adhesion of the rear wheel during braking and sudden gear changes.

STM Italy and Surflex are leaders in the sector and produce road slipper clutch and racing slipper clutch allowing the pilot to have many adjustments according to his needs, by replacing the primary and secondary springs

In our catalog you can find the STM and Surflex slipper clutch for your bike, to make your vehicle more performing both on the road and on the track.

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