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Dynojet O2 optimizer for power commander

Dynojet Dynojet


The Optimizer Dynojet oxygen sensor (O2 optimizer) is a device that is installed in line with the original lambda probe (one or more depending on the model of bike) but does not replace it.

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On the motion of the latest generation are installed one or more lambda probes which have the function of communicating to the original control the amount of oxygen present in the exhaust gases.

The original control unit is programmed to comply with anti-pollution regulations such that the air / fuel ratio, to be leaner than what would be the optimum for correct operation of the engine.

If you install an additional unit Power Commander without excluding / disable the oxygen sensor original, will not be able to totally control the carburetion as the original unit, would carry out continuous corrections.

The Dynojet O2 optimizer is a complex device equipped with a processor that modulates in real time the signal sent by the lambda probe to the control unit. 

In the specific instructions of each motorcycle model which provides for the O2 optimizer it is indicated what the map area managed by the lambda probe and that does not need further modification.

Dynojet Research develops after-market performance products and diagnostic tools for the Motorcycle and Automotive industries.

Dynojet's extensive product development testing required the use of a dynamometer.

Unable to find a dynamometer to meet the needs of our Research & Development staff, Dynojet went to the drawing boards and pioneered the first single roller, inertia, chassis dynamometer for motorcycles in 1989.

Shortly thereafter, Dynojet developed a computer interface and software package and began selling the first Model 100 Motorcycle Chassis Dynamometer


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